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  1. Tea Cannisters - Set of 3

    Tea Cannisters - Set of 3

    More info coming soon...

  2. Salt Cellar

    Salt Cellar

    A classic ceramic bowl with oak lids which houses a pinch bowl.

    Store your salt in the bowl and when required serve the salt in the pinch bowls, the perfect solution for entertaining.

    Available in black or white ceramic.

    Made in Germany.

    Sold individually, comes boxed.

  3. Bellevue Board

    Bellevue Board

    In Northern Europe the small boards are used as 'breakfast or snack plates'.

    The larger size is a chopping board or perhaps for use as an antipasti/cheese platter...

    Combined with their function, these boards have a very special feature: a laser engraved motif is carefully located on each board to perfectly match the beautiful swirling grain of the timber, deliberately chosen to produce a surprising result!

    Designs available: Cyclist, Jogger, Scooter, Golfer, Skier, Eskimo, Astronaut, Ice Skater, Swimmer, On the Beach, Walk the Dog, Canoeist, Surfer, Father, Mother, Footballer, Gardener, Swing.

    All Designs are available in: Small (15.5 x 23 x1cm) & Large (23 x 34 x 1.5cm).

    Material: Timber - Ash.

    Please note that the grain of each board and the position of the image in relation to the grain is unique for each board and the actual board you receive will vary from the images shown.

  4. Toast Tongs

    Toast Tongs

    Toast is ready but too hot to handle. Just use the toast tongs and your problem is solved.
  5. Wooden Extendable Trivet

    Wooden Extendable Trivet

    The extending and retracting trivet - an essential in the kitchen for placing hot pots, pans, trays etc; filled with just off the stove soups & stews & slow braises.

    Also perfect for serving off at a dinner party.

    Smoothly hinged, they compact effectively for storage and are made of walnut in a naturally oiled finish.

    The small extends to 45cm, while the large extends to an amazing 80cm!

    Handmade in a sheltered workshop collaboration by the differently abled.

    Material: Oiled walnut wood

    Size: Small L 21 x H 1.5 x 4 cm (open to 30cm), Large L 21 x H 1.5 x W 8 cm (open to 80cm)

    Finish: Oiled walnut

  6. Cooking & Antipasti Tongs

    Cooking & Antipasti Tongs

    These tongs are beautifully crafted from Walnut (wood) with a subtle oiled finish.

    The larger cooking tongs are solid, durable & substantially sized; the smaller antipasti tongs are slender & fine as befitting their intended purpose.

    The result is quite gripping!

    Handmade in a sheltered workshop collaboration by the differently abled.

    Material: Oiled walnut

    Size: Cooking Tongs L 35 x W 3.5 x H 5 cm, Antipasti Tongs L 26 x W 2 x H 5 cm

    Finish: Oiled walnut

  7. Timber Salt & Pepper Mill

    Timber Salt & Pepper Mill

    A timber Salt & Pepper Mill, with a distinctive shape& beautiful texture & tone.

    The grinding mechanism is made of high quality ceramic & comes with a 25 year warranty.

    Available in Maple, Natural Oak & Smoked Oak.

    Size:  H 30 cm

    Sold individually, comes boxed.

  8. Dance of the Glasses - Caraffes

    Dance of the Glasses - Carafes

    Mouth blown glass, beautiful and poetic in form, with each carafe dancing around its own centre of gravity.

    Shown (left to right): Bertha, Karl.

    Boxed and sold individually.

    Material: Mouth blown glass

    Size: Bertha H 27cm W 17cm (at widest point), Karl H 27cm W 17cm (at widest point).

    Optional matching circular Coaster featuring a cut-out hole on which to sit / stabilize each Caraffe if desired.

    Material: Red, Ivory, Black or Grey Marle felt

  9. Walnut Cracker

    Walnut Cracker

    Who doesn’t like walnuts?

    The walnut cracker, made of sanitised stainless steel in a satin finish, neatly splits the walnut in two instead of creating a mess!

    Beautifully simple & effective, comes packaged in a translucent envelope.

    Size: L 5 x W 5 cm.

    Material: Stainless steel, rubber.

  10. Spice Jars

    Spice Jars

    A pair of solid hand-blown glass jars with cork stoppers to hold your favourite spices.

    Sold as a pair.

    Size: H 11cm x Ø 5.5cm

    Material: Glass, cork.


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