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  1. Bowl and Plates

    Bowl and Plates

    Plates and bowl - hand turned ceramic in black only

    Material: ceramic


    Bowl Ø 13 cm

    Small Plate Ø 20 cm

    Large Plate Ø 25 cm

  2. Boards - Set of 3

    Boards - Set of 3

    Made from solid oak, this versatile set of chopping boards comes with its own hook for easy storage.

    Small Board - 31cm x 13cm x 1cm
    Large Board - 38.5cm x 18.5cm x 1cm
    Round Board - 28.5cm x 1cm

  3. Geometric Boards

    Geometric Boards

    More info coming soon... 

  4. Herb & Spice Jars

    Herb & Spice Jars

    A pair of glass jars with solid oak lids to serve salt, spices or condiments on the dinner table.

    Dimensions: d 7,5 x h 6 cm

    Material: glass, oak

  5. Knife Block

    Knife Block

    Elegantly minimalist this solid oak knife block has space for four large kitchen knives with a blade length of up to 24cm and three smaller knives as well as a dedicated slot for a sharpening steel or kitchen scissors.

    Dimensions: l 13 x w 13 x h 25 cm

  6. Evercut Knives

    Evercut Knives


    Fusing innovative design with superior technology, the FURTIF range of professional knives represent an exceptional blend of elegance, performance and longevity. With a superior cutting performance to that of conventional steel knives every cutting movement transforms into a precise cutting gesture. Every FURTIF knife is fitted with an exceptionally hard, non-stick steel blade that is corrosion and dishwasher safe.


  7. Artisan Made Apron

    Artisan Made Apron

    The apron for serious kitchen heroes and barbecue hipsters. Made in Germany's Black Forest, from natural burlap linen with real leather straps.

  8. Glass Storage Containers

    Glass Storage Containers

    Material: crystal glass


    Tall: H 16 x Ø 9 cm

    Medium:  H 9 x Ø 13 cm

    Large: H 6 x Ø 18.5 cm

  9. round paddle board

    round paddle board

    More info coming soon ...

  10. Hefty Chopping Board

    Hefty Chopping Board

    More info coming soon ...


Items 1 to 10 of 47

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