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  2. Desk Organizer - House

    Desk Organizer - House

    Referencing the archetypical house this cool desk / stationery organizer in fact pulls apart into four differently purposed modules including a handy mobile phone stand.

    Material: untreated lime wood

    Size: H 11 x W 7.5 × L 7.5 cm

  3. Fashion Tape Measure

    Fashion Tape Measure

    A 300 year history of fashion is shown in illustration, decade by decade, on one side & the other has the requisite centimeters / inches of a vinyl, dressmaker / tailor’s tape measure.

  4. Mountain Note Holder

    Mountain Note Holder

    For holding lists, letters & notes, the Mountain Note Holder is beautifully eye catching on the desk, kitchen counter or in the hallway.

    Based on real mountains in the Alps, the pieces can be moved within grooves in the base to accommodate all your documents.

    Made of timber and presented in a oiled walnut finish.

    Handmade in a sheltered workshop collaboration by the differently abled.

    Material: Solid walnut, MDF, oiled walnut veneer

    Size: L 29 x W 7.3 x H 19.5 cm

    Finish: Walnut

  5. Fold & File Organiser

    Fold & File Organiser

    Get organised with these 2D-3D fold up organisers.

    Simply fold the stands and create the required alphabets or numbers with a black marker!

    The perfect item for organising books, DVDs & CDs.

    Comes packaged as a set of 30.

    Material: Paper

    Size: L 11.2 x W 11.2 cm

    Regular Price: $19.00


  6. Lucky Clover Magnets

    Lucky Clover Magnets

    Create your own luck!

    These lucky clover magnets come with a little metal plate so they can stand up.

    Sold as a packet of 3.

    Material: Stainless steel, flexible plastic

  7. Flower Nail Notepad

    Flower Nail Notepad

    A fun little notepad is nailed (using a flower nail) to a solid European oak base.

    Replacement pads are available or use a bundle of recycled paper cut to size & ‘re-nail’!

    Size: L 14 x W 7 x H 4.5 cm

    Material: Paper, Steel, Oak

  8. Little Computer Brush

    Little Computer Brush

    Is your keyboard looking a bit dusty?

    The Little brush made of oak with natural bristles gets in between the keys to clean where you can’t.

    Size: L 20 x W 3.5 x D 1.5 cm

    Material: Oak, natural bristles.

  9. Ruler - History of Mankind

    Ruler - History of Mankind

    “You have to know history to understand what is going on now”.

    Compact and fact filled wooden, vintage style rulers unfold to outline, within a set theme, a series of histories along the length of a 2 metres (200cm / 2000mm)!

     History by the Meter covers 2000 years of the history of mankind in succinct detail: from Jesus Christ to the internet!

    On the reverse are measurements, as normal.

  10. Ruler - History of Inventions

    Ruler - History of Inventions

    Technology by the Meter outlines in fact & illustrations 200 discoveries and inventions since the Industrial Revolution.

    From the sewing machine, via blue jeans & the zip fastener & the telegraph via the Morse Alphabet to the laying of the Atlantic Cable; the internet, cloning & the deciphering of the human genome… an overview of innovation & thought in a socio-cultural context that is the result of human inventive genius!

    Extends to 200 cm.


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