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  1. Memo Game What is this ?

    Memo Game What is this ?

    With the memo game What is this ? you can discover something special in every-day life and see it creatively transformed into an animal – illustrated by renowned German children’s book illustrator Antje Damm

  2. Archi. Puzzle House

    Archi. Puzzle House

    The Archi House Puzzle is a 3D puzzle that allows you to construct, deconstruct and invent houses, furniture or sculptures.

    Handmade in Europe.


  3. Archi. Fold Origami

    Archi. Fold Origami

    Archifold contains 32 architectural patterns based on the framework used by architects and designers. A diagram is included with instructions to fold a little house and a tree, but the possibilities of this set are only limited by your imagination ! 

    Available : Out of stock

  4. Archi. Card Game

    Archi. Card Game

    Iconic Architecture is a card game conceived like an invitation to discover contemporary architecture through a seven family card game. Players must aim to complete the highest number of architectural building type families.


    Contents : 42 cards

    Instructions : 2 cards with instructions in English and French included

    Age : 6 years old and more

    Material : paper and cardboard

  5. Archi. Memory Game - Identic

    Archi. Memory Game - Identic

    Identic is a memory card game conceived like an invitation to discover contemporary architecture through a well-known game. The goal is to learn about architecture by identifying and memorizing some of the most famous masterpieces of architecture in the world.

    Contents 44 cards

    Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 2 cm

  6. Architecture History Puzzle

    Architecture History Puzzle

    Arc history is a puzzle game about the history of contemporary architecture between 1900 and 2010 based on a 20m long frieze created for an architectural exhibition in Paris. The 132 equilateral triangle pieces allow you to reconstitute the frieze as a fascinating and educational challenge.

  7. Archi. Build Puzzle

    Archi. Build Puzzle

    You are an architect and your mission in this game is to build a tower or a house or any other structure. It's up to your imagination, but it must be built with only 16 pieces ! And the other players will try to stop you so they can build it first.

    For 2 to 4 players. From 6 years.

  8. Archi. Blocks Bauhaus

    Archi. Blocks Bauhaus

    The Bauhaus archiblocks set is a series of 27 wooden blocks designed to capture modularity, balance and composition, their form giving them an intergenerational appeal. Made from untreated, naturally seasoned lime-wood and hand sanded.


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