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  1. Bird Feeder

    Bird Feeder

    This is simple no-fuss bird feeder is sure to please our feathered friends, whilst also making a stylish accessory to balconies and outdoor areas.

    With a roof made of oiled Larch wood, the seed ball can be easily replaced.

    Handmade in a sheltered workshop collaboration by the differently abled.

    Material: Oiled larch wood, stainless steel

    Size: H 6.5 x W 13 x D 11 cm

  2. Bird House

    Bird House

    Hands down the equivalent of a 3 star restaurant for birds!

    A large porcelain plate with a bright orange roof allows our feathered friends to dine in style.

    Material: Polypropolene, porcelain, sisal, steel

    Size: L 30 x W 20 x H 20 cm

  3. Bag of Light

    Bag of Light

    4 white paper bags with rivets plus 4 extra-large tea lights & a bundle of fine steel wire – simply construct your own ‘bag’ of light to sit or hang; or crush the bag for a textured look! The result is a beautifully simple candle light / holder for inside or out – presented packaged in the same bag, tied with rope.Inspired by the aesthetic of fashion designer Martin Margiela.
  4. Sky Planter - Recycled Plastic

    Sky Planter - Recycled Plastic

    Green your world from the inside out and upside down with the award winning Sky Planter by Patrick Morris for Boskke. 

    The Sky Planter creates a fantastic green friendly, space saving and stunning design feature for a home or commercial environment.

    They can be an eye catching, if not attention grabbing, installation in a public space…

    The Sky Planter uses 80% less water than conventional planters and only needs refilling twice a month or so depending on the plant.

    Join the plant revolution!

    Material: Recycled Polypropylene
    Available in 3 sizes and 4 colours:
    Large - White, Black (Ø18 x h25 cm)
    Medium - White, Black and Red (Ø14 x h19 cm)
    Small - White, Black, Red and Pink (Ø9.5 x 13 cm)

    The Recycled Plastic range includes ceiling hook & 2 fixed length wires.

    Available : Out of stock



    Plus bin / occasional table... a brand new arrival, this smart little chap is the goods.

    Topped off with a substantial solid cork lid.

    Available in two sizes & several striking colours, chances are you'll want to have more than one around...

    Currently available in Black, White & Red, there will be some new pop-up colours (think Yellow, Turquoise, Navy) available soon...

  6. BIRD FEEDER – Portable

    BIRD FEEDER – Portable

    Charmingly named Birdy to Go this can be semi/ permanent way to attract feathered friends wherever you are... chirp!

  7. Bees' Inn

    Bees' Inn

    The Bees' Inn is a perfect nesting place for endangered wild bees, which have trouble finding shelter especially in densely populated areas.

    These valuable helpers are essential for the pollination of plants and they're also busy insect hunters.

    You can help ensure the survival of these creatures putting up this bee and insect hotel.

    For external use.

    Material: untreated linden wood, powder-coated steel, steel cable

    Size: L 14.5 x W 10 x H 18

  8. Linen Sack

    Linen Sack

    More info coming soon ...


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