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  1. Steel Paper Bag holder

    Steel Paper Bag holder

    Convenient Paper Bag Holder to keep the Paper Bag in shape even when filled with heavy stuff.

    Material: steel powder coated 

    Size: H 58 x W 37 x D 28 cm 

    Colours: white, black, fluro yellow

  2. Multi-use Paper Bag XL

    Multi-use Paper Bag XL

    These paperbags are durable and reusable many times over. Once placed and arranged into shape, the paper bag becomes a sculpture in any room and through its imprint displays from afar what lies within.

    Material: double-ply reinforced, biodegradable paper.

    Size: W 55 x H 84 cm 

    Made in Berlin in cooperation with people with special needs.

    *with each animal paperbag sold, $1.50 will be donated to the conservation of pandas.

  3. Band-Aid Packaging Tape

    Band-Aid Packaging Tape

    This "band-aid“ tape reveals itself as such only at second glance, and can be used everywhere: from packaging and letters to broken windows, gifts, tags ... it was even met with much acclaim at the post office

    Material: natural rubber

    Size 25 m long, 5 cm width

  4. Paper Tree Jewels

    Paper Tree Jewels

    These colorful paper polyhedrons started as alternative Christmas baubles but quickly became all year round tree 'jewellery'. Easy and fun to make - hang them wherever you wish. Great for a party!

    Set includes 2 sheets = 3 baubles / jewels.

  5. Bees' Inn

    Bees' Inn

    The Bees' Inn is a perfect nesting place for endangered wild bees, which have trouble finding shelter especially in densely populated areas.

    These valuable helpers are essential for the pollination of plants and they're also busy insect hunters.

    You can help ensure the survival of these creatures putting up this bee and insect hotel.

    For external use.

    Material: untreated linden wood, powder-coated steel, steel cable

    Size: L 14.5 x W 10 x H 18

    Available : Out of stock

  6. Firewood Candle / Tea-light Holder

    Firewood Candle / Tea-light Holder

    Candle holder with two sides, one for candles and one for tea lights.

    Material: solid oak

    Size: H 5 x W 5 x L 60 cm

    Available : Out of stock

  7. Oak trivet on a String

    Oak trivet on a String

    Material: oak, leather

  8. Bowl and Plates

    Bowl and Plates

    Plates and bowl - hand turned ceramic in black only

    Material: ceramic


    Bowl Ø 13 cm

    Small Plate Ø 20 cm

    Large Plate Ø 25 cm

  9. Salt and Herb Mortar

    Salt and Herb Mortar

    More info coming soon...



    More info coming soon ...


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