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  1. Jewellery Box

    Jewellery Box

    A beautifully crafted walnut box for personal treasures and precious things...

    Sizes: XS - 11.5 x 11.5 x 9cm: S - 23 x 11.5 x 9cm: M - 23 x 23 x 9cm: L - 34.5 x 23 x 9 cm

    Made in Germany

  2. Art Trays - Park Triptych

    Art Trays - Park Triptych

    This baroque tray is an ode to romance and homage to femininity. A decorative tray collection, consisting of a trio of practical and decorative items inspired by an atmosphere of romanticism. These neo-baroque style pink plates reveal elements of nature alongside classical sculptures. Use them on the table or hang them on the wall to create a sophisticated dream-like feel in your home.

    Made in France.

    Dishwasher safe.

    Material: high pressure laminate


    Single Tray: H 50 x W 48.5 cm

    Triptych composition: H 90 x W 95 cm



    This is the latest design in the series that’s part of a fabulous & inventive concept created by French designer Rachel Convers.

    Designed to be both functional & beautiful this is the newest addition to the tableware series inspired by ancient Chinese pottery forms.

    The cleverness of this ‘table set’ set of 8 pieces - comprising  four bowls & four plates - either stack to form the classic ‘urn’ shape or alternatively nests to form a more compact shape for storage or portability.

    It makes for a perfect wedding gift (with or without the additional plates) or a wonderful alternative to everyday crockery.

    Made of melamine they are also perfectly child friendly & dishwasher safe too. Please note they are not suitable for microwave use.

    Complimentary pieces include:

    PLATE SETS - a ‘matching’ set of 4 (boxed) that can be added to the full Table Set of 8 - it fits perfectly into the stack - to increase the number of plates from 4 to 8.

  4. Key House

    Key House

    This nifty little key house is a beautiful and simple “home” for house keys, garage keys, mailbox keys, spare keys and all other keys. Always in the same spot and quick to grab! The only thing needed is something metallic on your key chain.

    Dimensions: h 9 x w 5 x d 2,8 cm

    Colours: oak natural, oak white top, oak green top, oak blue top, walnut natural

  5. Triangle Calendar 2018

    Triangle Calendar 2018

    More info coming soon ...

  6. Windmill Calendar 2018

    Windmill Calendar 2018

    More info coming soon ...

  7. Bud Glass Vases

    Bud Glass Vases

    Decorative and useful little vase for small flowers or the single flower that one chances upon... The individual flower is highlighted in a sculptural presentation. Handmade using broken or discarded glass. Each vase has a slightly different expression, more or less lopsided, thin or thick, small or not so small, each vase is a one-off.

    Sold as a set of 3 online (NOTE: due to the handmade nature of this product styles will vary to what is shown but each set will comprise three different shapes / sizes...)

    Single vases ($29.00 ea.) can be purchased in store.

    Size: from 4 to 8 cm



    Introducing the new cardboard 2d to 3d Puzzle 2018 calendar!

    Comes flatpacked, to be constructed in various forms.

    Material: Printed cardboard.

  9. Zoo Calendar 2018

    Zoo Calendar 2018

    The ZOO 2018 calendar comprises a wonderful collection of creatures great & small in pure white ( & numbers in black print) with the potential to colour in...
    Perfect for all the animal lovers out there.
    Set of 6 animals - 2 months per animal (front & back printed) 

    Regular Price: $35.00


  10. Monster Plate

    Monster Plate

    Gothic glamour is alive in the form of these fabulous black, porcelain plates.

    The series features six ‘monsters’ – of classic, gothic & cult lore - their menace diminished by the beauty of the decorative pattern that adorns their form.

    The plates are utterly functional, and even dishwasher safe, but gorgeous enough to simply hang on a wall.

    Designs (shown left to right): Frankenstein, Freddy, Jack the Ripper, Nosferatu, Quasimodo and Bride of Frankenstein.

    Size: Ø 19 cm


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