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  1. Picture Stand

    Picture Stand

    Material: oak


    A5 L 28 cm

    A6 L 14 cm

  2. Multi-use Paper Bag XL

    Multi-use Paper Bag XL

    These paperbags are durable and reusable many times over. Once placed and arranged into shape, the paper bag becomes a sculpture in any room and through its imprint displays from afar what lies within.

    Material: double-ply reinforced, biodegradable paper.

    Size: W 55 x H 84 cm 

    Made in Berlin in cooperation with people with special needs.

    *with each animal paperbag sold, $1.50 will be donated to the conservation of pandas.

    Available : Out of stock

  3. Ribbon Hanger

    Ribbon Hanger

    More info coming soon ...

  4. Antler Hanger XL

    Antler Hanger XL

    More info coming soon ...

    Regular Price: $299.00


  5. Paris


    Material : nonwoven wallpaper 

    150 g/m², matte finish, washable  

    Size : W 186 cm x H 265 cm

    4 strips 

  6. Timber Stand - Small (For Flexible Lamp)

    Timber Stand - Small (For Flexible Lamp)

    Stand for Flexible Lamp

    Material : Natural Oak or Smoked Oak

    Dimensions : H 50 cm x W 7 cm x D 23 cm

  7. Sky planter - ceramic

    Sky planter - ceramic

    Green your world from the inside out and upside down with the award winning Sky Planter by Patrick Morris for Boskke. 

    The Sky Planter creates a fantastic green friendly, space saving and stunning design feature for a home or commercial environment. They can be an eye catching, if not attention grabbing, installation in a public space…

    Sky Planters use 80% less water than conventional planters and only need refilling twice a month or so depending on the plant and environment. Each planter includes a ceiling hook and an adjustable ceiling suspension cable.

    Join the plant revolution!

    Available in 4 sizes:

    Extra Small (Ø9 x h12 cm)

    Small (Ø11.2 x h13.5 cm)

    Medium (Ø15 x 18 cm)

    Large (Ø18.6cm x 22.5 cm)

    Available : Out of stock

  8. Linked Shelf System

    Linked Shelf System

    The Linked shelves are display / storage stripped down to the essentials. The steel and solid wood construction forms an engaging interplay with many potential compositions: asymmetrical, high-reaching, or laid out lengthwise, giving you numerous configurations to adapt it to your individual environment. Made in Germany using powder coated steel and solid oak or ash from sustainable sources. Available with Black or White brakets.

    Dimensions: Small Shelf 79 x 24 cm Large Shelf 119 x 24 cm

    Note: This item will incur extra freight costs - Please contact us by email stating your postcode for a freight quote. 


  9. Teapot Warmer

    Teapot Warmer

    The most sculptural teapot warmer that we have come across in our tea drinking life!

    The design is reminiscent of a cozy campfire, just light a tealight candle and put your teapot on to keep warm.

    A metal spiral of stainless steel holds the candle, while delicate wooden rods provide support & stability in a sculptural formation.

    Available in beautiful oiled walnut or maple & presented compacted in a smart recycled paper cylinder.

    Handmade in a sheltered workshop collaboration by the differently abled.

    Please note that teapot is not included.

    Material: Walnut / maple, stainless steel

    Size: L 11.5 x W 24 x H 24 cm

    Finish: Oiled walnut / maple

  10. Wall Hook

    Wall Hook

    A simple yet cleverly designed hook that can retract or extend as needed... ideal for use in a 'tight' spot - such as behind a door, or wall mount in an approppriate spot... Material: walnut with an aluminium hook.


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