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  1. Big City Panorama Border

    Big City Panorama Border

    We absolutely LOVE these! A visual, photo-real tour of four fabulous cities: Paris, Berlin, Rome & LA... a reminder of places visited or to dream of... A four metre long - yes a whole 4 m! – panoramic border (each is just 11.5 cm high) capturing the essence of these iconic cities & featuring a plethora of famous landmarks. The images are printed on thick, high quality, matte finish ‘wallpaper’ but are conveniently self-adhesive. To apply: they can be used on a continuous wall or even taken around corners quite easily; alternative cut down to, for example, four x 1m strips (see image of Rome in vertical layout) Bon Voyage!
  2. Small World Panorama Border

    Small World Panorama Border

    Bring another world into your room with these fabulous borders. Five different worlds are available. A scene for the train enthusiast , the aquatic lover, wonderous geographic locations and one for the natural history buffs. Made of thick high quality paper and self adhesive , these borders are 4 m long and 11.6 cm wide. Each scene is a continuous picture with no repetition.
  3. CUBE Planter

    CUBE Planter

    The freshly minted, fabulous new clear CUBE.

    Once again a show-stopping new take on the standard plant pot by Boskke, creators of the revolutionary Sky (upside down) planters!

    Simply fill the planter with water & the signature terracotta membrane allows the plant to self water, with each 'watering' lasting up to a month.

    Available in small, large & triple pot (contains 3 small pots, perfect for herbs!).

    Comes boxed.


    Material: Polycarbonate, terracotta.



    Small: width 12.2cm x height 12.2cm (internal pot approximately diameter 8.5 x H 10 cm).

    Large: width 16cm x height 16cm (internal pot approximately diameter 11.5 x H 13 cm).

    Triple: width 32.5cm x height 12.2cm (internal pots approximately diameter 8.5 x H 10 cm).

    Available : Out of stock

  4. Swallow Clock

    Swallow Clock

    The swallows clock features 12 delicate flying swallows to replace the numbers on an ordinary clock.

    A simple & beautiful concept, with each swallow frozen in time in the act of flying.

    Each swallow is handmade in resin.

    Size (approx): W 60 x  D 12 x  H 60 cm.

    Comes boxed, included are detailed instructions on installation as well as a template for placement of swallows.

  5. Goldfish Wall Clock

    Goldfish Wall Clock

    The goldfish clock features 9 goldfish swimming around a clock, a simple & beautiful concept.

    In Eastern culture the number nine means flourishing fortune; the goldfish represents luck and riches.

    Each goldfish is handmade in resin.

    Size (approx): W 65 x D 10 x H 65 cm.

    Comes boxed, included are detailed instructions on installation.

  6. Vase & Jar

    Vase & Jar

    The humble wine bottle is cleverly re-configured as a multi-use item - as  a vase or a jar.

    Handmade in a sheltered workshop collaboration by the differently abled.

    Size: Ø 7.5 x H 16.5 cm.

    Material: wood, glass.

    Made in Germany.

  7. Door Messenger

    Door Messenger

    An effective & convenient alternative to having post-it notes floating around the house!

    Do not disturb, out to lunch, be home late – write it with chalk and leave on the door- how simple is that?

    With an easy to clean blackboard surface, chalk pencil and handy elastic holder, it conveniently hooks onto the door handle.

    Your message or reminder is sure not to be missed.

    Handmade in a sheltered workshop collaboration by the differently abled.

    Material: MDF (painted with blackboard paint), rubber band, chalk pencil included

    Size: H 25.5 x W 10.5 x D 1 cm

    Colour: Black

  8. Etched Metal Insects

    Etched Metal Insects

    These little beauties have just flown in (plus & one that crawled)! Their exquisitely detailed etched surface will leave one wanting to be creative &/ or place them in a special spot -on a vase or mirror for example...or why not turn one into wearable art object!

    Three beautiful designs - Dragonfly, Butterfly or Beetle - in a choice of gold or silver, sold individually.

    Size: 10 x 9 cm

    Packaged flat & mounted on a postcard.



    Plus bin / occasional table... a brand new arrival, this smart little chap is the goods.

    Topped off with a substantial solid cork lid.

    Available in two sizes & several striking colours, chances are you'll want to have more than one around...

    Currently available in Black, White & Red, there will be some new pop-up colours (think Yellow, Turquoise, Navy) available soon...

  10. Moon Clock

    Moon Clock

    Stunningly sculptural with each animal in 3D. And the white surface glows in the dark like its namesake.

    Diameter: 250 mm


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