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    This is the latest design in the series that’s part of a fabulous & inventive concept created by French designer Rachel Convers.

    Designed to be both functional & beautiful this is the newest addition to the tableware series inspired by ancient Chinese pottery forms.

    The cleverness of this ‘table set’ set of 8 pieces - comprising  four bowls & four plates - either stack to form the classic ‘urn’ shape or alternatively nests to form a more compact shape for storage or portability.

    It makes for a perfect wedding gift (with or without the additional plates) or a wonderful alternative to everyday crockery.

    Made of melamine they are also perfectly child friendly & dishwasher safe too. Please note they are not suitable for microwave use.

    Complimentary pieces include:

    PLATE SETS - a ‘matching’ set of 4 (boxed) that can be added to the full Table Set of 8 - it fits perfectly into the stack - to increase the number of plates from 4 to 8.

  2. Indoor / Outdoor Cushions

    Indoor / Outdoor Cushions

    A stunning collection of cushions as the ideal way to add a touch of dramatic character to any space. Made from canvas polyester, these cushions are suitable for both indoors and out. Cosy and stylish, each one of the four pieces features a heady floral half-light design grazed by delicate hands on the front, with a geometric print on the reverse. 

    Material: polyester, foam

    Size: H 40 x L 68 cm

  3. Art Trays - Park Triptych

    Art Trays - Park Triptych

    This baroque tray is an ode to romance and homage to femininity. A decorative tray collection, consisting of a trio of practical and decorative items inspired by an atmosphere of romanticism. These neo-baroque style pink plates reveal elements of nature alongside classical sculptures. Use them on the table or hang them on the wall to create a sophisticated dream-like feel in your home.

    Made in France.

    Dishwasher safe.

    Material: high pressure laminate


    Single Tray: H 50 x W 48.5 cm

    Triptych composition: H 90 x W 95 cm

  4. Paper Vase Cover - New Designs

    Paper Vase Cover - New Designs

    These fab looking 'vases' are our most heartfelt product... sales support the wonderful Tiny Miracles Foundation based in Mumbai. Upcycle a bottle or a large jar effortlessly into a beautifully sculptural vase.
    The vase covers are handmade from FSC certified paper.

  5. Migrant Bird Clock

    Migrant Bird Clock

    More info coming soon...

    Available : Out of stock

  6. Picture Stand

    Picture Stand

    Material: oak


    A5 L 28 cm

    A6 L 14 cm

  7. Ming Bowl Set - Peony

    Ming Bowl Set - Peony

    More info coming soon...

  8. Dove Light

    Dove Light

    More info coming soon...

  9. Goldfish Wall Clock

    Goldfish Wall Clock

    The goldfish clock features 9 goldfish swimming around a clock, a simple & beautiful concept.

    In Eastern culture the number nine means flourishing fortune; the goldfish represents luck and riches.

    Each goldfish is handmade in resin.

    Size (approx): W 65 x D 10 x H 65 cm.

    Comes boxed, included are detailed instructions on installation.

  10. Time Flies Swallow Clock

    Time Flies Swallow Clock

    The swallows clock features 12 delicate flying swallows to replace the numbers on an ordinary clock.

    A simple & beautiful concept, with each swallow frozen in time in the act of flying.

    Each swallow is handmade in resin.

    Size (approx): W 60 x  D 12 x  H 60 cm.

    Comes boxed, included are detailed instructions on installation as well as a template for placement of swallows.

    Available : Out of stock

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