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  1. Bud Glass Vases

    Bud Glass Vases

    Decorative and useful little vase for small flowers or the single flower that one chances upon... The individual flower is highlighted in a sculptural presentation. Handmade using broken or discarded glass. Each vase has a slightly different expression, more or less lopsided, thin or thick, small or not so small, each vase is a one-off.

    Sold as a set of 3 online (NOTE: due to the handmade nature of this product styles will vary to what is shown but each set will comprise three different shapes / sizes...)

    Single vases ($35.00 ea.) can be purchased in store.

    Size: from 4 to 8 cm

  2. Ostrich Console

    Ostrich Console

    Material: high pressure laminate

    Size: H 76 x W 25 x L 71 cm

  3. Wood Sack

    Wood Sack

    Gather your wood in style... Handmade in the Black Forest, from linen & rope.

    Made of coarse linen with hemp rope and metal eyelets, this wood sack it's a must have for groovy lumberjacks everywhere. The clever design allows you to lay the sack flat under your load, before drawing it closed and sweeping it up onto your (preferably muscular) shoulder.

    Material: Jute linen, hemp rope

    Size: Ø 98 cm

  4. The Ravens

    The Ravens

    The fabulous sculptural Ravens hail from France - originally created for a special installation during Paris Design Week they were subsequently put into production after much popular request. An impressive group* of six in various positions: four different standing versions – Edgar, Gustav, Jack, Alfred & two flying ones – Adam & Karl. Approximately life sized!

    They are sold individually.

    *Did you know a group of Ravens is alternatively called: 'conspiracy' (all those evil connotations…!), 'unkindness', 'constable' & arguably the nicest perhaps being 'parliament'!

    Each comes flat to be self assembled (instructions included).

  5. Wine Light

    Wine Light

    This is simply the most beautiful tea-light holder / hurricane (called “Wind Light” in German) ever!

    The humble wine bottle is cleverly re-configured: the glass top half perfectly matched to a solid, hand-turned base of European oak.

    The latter precisely grooved to hold the equally humble tea-light.

    The result is a simply elegant tea light holder for indoors, that is also just perfect for outdoor use…

    Handmade in a sheltered workshop collaboration by the differently abled.

    Material: Glass, European Oak

    Size: ø 7.5cm H 28cm

    Colour: Clear / Green

  6. Photo & Card Holder

    Photo & Card Holder

    Introducing the Clip Rail; a simple, stylish & versatile way to display photos and cards!

    With one side coated in blackboard paint, it can be written on with chalk or the special pencil included with it, or used with the maple wood side exposed instead.

    It can be used horizontally or vertically, and is a great way to measure kids' height as they grow!

    Available in 60cm & 90 cm.

    Handmade in a sheltered workshop collaboration by the differently abled.

    Material: Solid maple, painted on one side with chalkboard paint, spring steel, rubber.

    Size: Small L 60 x W 2 x H 2 cm, Large L 90 x W 2 x H 2 cm

    Finish: Untreated maple / blackboard

  7. Big City Panorama Border

    Big City Panorama Border

    We absolutely LOVE these! A visual, photo-real tour of four fabulous cities: Paris, Berlin, Rome & LA... a reminder of places visited or to dream of... A four metre long - yes a whole 4 m! – panoramic border (each is just 11.5 cm high) capturing the essence of these iconic cities & featuring a plethora of famous landmarks. The images are printed on thick, high quality, matte finish ‘wallpaper’ but are conveniently self-adhesive. To apply: they can be used on a continuous wall or even taken around corners quite easily; alternative cut down to, for example, four x 1m strips (see image of Rome in vertical layout) Bon Voyage!
  8. Small World Panorama Border

    Small World Panorama Border

    Bring another world into your room with these fabulous borders. Five different worlds are available. A scene for the train enthusiast , the aquatic lover, wonderous geographic locations and one for the natural history buffs. Made of thick high quality paper and self adhesive , these borders are 4 m long and 11.6 cm wide. Each scene is a continuous picture with no repetition.
  9. Porcelain Tin

    Porcelain Tin

    These novel tins are simply delightful; wrapped in gorgeous prints from striking black & white to smart geometric & lovely floral they are made of durable porcelain, all of which makes them a little special but great for using in lots of ways.

    They are an ideal container around the house for odds & ends; in the bathroom for flowers, etc. on the vanity; in the kitchen for jams & pickles, on the coffee table for nuts & lollies & in the office too; endlessly useful & versatile.

    The tins are 10.5cm high with a diameter of 8.5cm (lid).

  10. CUBE Planter

    CUBE Planter

    The freshly minted, fabulous new clear CUBE.

    Once again a show-stopping new take on the standard plant pot by Boskke, creators of the revolutionary Sky (upside down) planters!

    Simply fill the planter with water & the signature terracotta membrane allows the plant to self water, with each 'watering' lasting up to a month.

    Available in small, large & triple pot (contains 3 small pots, perfect for herbs!).

    Comes boxed.


    Material: Polycarbonate, terracotta.



    Small: width 12.2cm x height 12.2cm (internal pot approximately diameter 8.5 x H 10 cm).

    Large: width 16cm x height 16cm (internal pot approximately diameter 11.5 x H 13 cm).

    Triple: width 32.5cm x height 12.2cm (internal pots approximately diameter 8.5 x H 10 cm).


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