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  1. Luso Cheese / Cake set

    Luso Cheese / Cake set

    More info coming soon ...

  2. Yuan Table Set - d'Antan

    Yuan Table Set - d'Antan

    More info coming soon ...

  3. Book - Do It With Love

    Book - Do It With Love

    After being asked about the secret of creativity over and over again, Frank Bodin - pianist, composer and conceptual artist - distilled his experience into this little book of hundred creative essentials.

    Printed in Germany, bound in Turkish leather.

  4. Jar of Christmas Spices

    Jar of Christmas Spices

    A selection of six spices, contained in a German Weck jar, in the spirit of Christmas... For mulled wine, Christmas baking and cooking.

  5. Paper Vase Cover

    Paper Vase Cover

    These fab looking 'vases' are our most heartfelt product... sales support the wonderful Tiny Miracles Foundation based in Mumbai. Upcycle a bottle or a large jar effortlessly into a beautifully sculptural vase.
    The vase covers are handmade from FSC certified paper.

  6. Star Nail Note Block

    Star Nail Note Block

    Sheets of paper nailed to a solid block of oak with a Star Nail.

    Material: paper, solid oak base

    Size: L 14 x W 7 cm

  7. Bud Glass Vases

    Bud Glass Vases

    Decorative and useful little vase for small flowers or the single flower that one chances upon... The individual flower is highlighted in a sculptural presentation. Handmade using broken or discarded glass. Each vase has a slightly different expression, more or less lopsided, thin or thick, small or not so small, each vase is a one-off.

    Sold as a set of 3 online (NOTE: due to the handmade nature of this product styles will vary to what is shown but each set will comprise three different shapes / sizes...)

    Single vases ($29.00 ea.) can be purchased in store.

    Size: from 4 to 8 cm

  8. Desk Organizer - House

    Desk Organizer - House

    Referencing the archetypical house this cool desk / stationery organizer in fact pulls apart into four differently purposed modules including a handy mobile phone stand.

    Material: untreated lime wood

    Size: H 11 x W 7.5 × L 7.5 cm

  9. Artisan Made Apron

    Artisan Made Apron

    The apron for serious kitchen heroes and barbecue hipsters. Made in Germany's Black Forest, from natural burlap linen with real leather straps.

  10. Firewood Candle / Tea-light Holder

    Firewood Candle / Tea-light Holder

    Candle holder with two sides, one for candles and one for tea lights.

    Material: solid oak

    Size: H 5 x W 5 x L 60 cm

    Available : Out of stock

Items 21 to 30 of 87

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