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  1. Bellevue Board

    Bellevue Board

    In Northern Europe the small boards are used as 'breakfast or snack plates'.

    The larger size is a chopping board or perhaps for use as an antipasti/cheese platter...

    Combined with their function, these boards have a very special feature: a laser engraved motif is carefully located on each board to perfectly match the beautiful swirling grain of the timber, deliberately chosen to produce a surprising result!

    Designs available: Cyclist, Jogger, Scooter, Golfer, Skier, Eskimo, Astronaut, Ice Skater, Swimmer, On the Beach, Walk the Dog, Canoeist, Surfer, Father, Mother, Footballer, Gardener, Swing.

    All Designs are available in: Small (15.5 x 23 x1cm) & Large (23 x 34 x 1.5cm).

    Material: Timber - Ash.

    Please note that the grain of each board and the position of the image in relation to the grain is unique for each board and the actual board you receive will vary from the images shown.

  2. City Light

    City Light

    The City Light elevates the humble tea-light into a beautifully illuminated city skyline.

    Rendered in distinctive detail, each skyline is easily recognised by its characteristic monuments.

    Available in Paris, New York, London, Venice, Copenhagen, Vienna, Berlin & Amsterdam.

    Material: plastic (base), laser cut stainless steel, 2 fire retardent paper shades.

    Size: H 13 x W 6.5 cm



    The classic rubber swim cap doubles up as a quirky wet pack / vanity bag – equipped with a handy detachable key chain. Perfect for the gym, pool, beach or travel… Available in a variety of delicious, retro colours: Candy Pink, Peach, Minty Green, Teal, Liquorice, Milk Lolly, Lilac, Lemon Yellow, Light Blue, Navy and Red
  4. Fashion Tape Measure

    Fashion Tape Measure

    A 300 year history of fashion is shown in illustration, decade by decade, on one side & the other has the requisite centimeters / inches of a vinyl, dressmaker / tailor’s tape measure.

  5. Flower Nail Notepad

    Flower Nail Notepad

    A fun little notepad is nailed (using a flower nail) to a solid European oak base.

    Replacement pads are available or use a bundle of recycled paper cut to size & ‘re-nail’!

    Size: L 14 x W 7 x H 4.5 cm

    Material: Paper, Steel, Oak

  6. Lucky Clover Magnets

    Lucky Clover Magnets

    Create your own luck!

    These lucky clover magnets come with a little metal plate so they can stand up.

    Sold as a packet of 3.

    Material: Stainless steel, flexible plastic

  7. Cow Cheese Bowl

    Cow Cheese Bowl

    The perfect way to serve cheeses, or even used as a butter dish!

    Featuring a base of oiled maple and dish of high quality porcelain, included is a pack of swiss flags for serving up cheeses.

    Handmade in a sheltered workshop collaboration by the differently abled.

    Material: Porcelain (bowl), oiled maple (base), MDF (cow)

    Size: L 27 x W 12 x H 9.5 cm

  8. Goldfish Wall Clock

    Goldfish Wall Clock

    The goldfish clock features 9 goldfish swimming around a clock, a simple & beautiful concept.

    In Eastern culture the number nine means flourishing fortune; the goldfish represents luck and riches.

    Each goldfish is handmade in resin.

    Size (approx): W 65 x D 10 x H 65 cm.

    Comes boxed, included are detailed instructions on installation.

  9. Paper Vase Cover

    Paper Vase Cover

    These fab looking 'vases' are our most heartfelt product... sales support the wonderful Tiny Miracles Foundation based in Mumbai. Upcycle a bottle or a large jar effortlessly into a beautifully sculptural vase.

    The vase covers are handmade from FSC certified paper.

  10. Small Bellevue Board - Landscape

    Small Bellevue Board - Landscape

    More info coming soon...


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