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  1. Picture Stand

    Picture Stand

    Material: oak


    A5 L 28 cm

    A6 L 14 cm

  2. Migrant Bird Clock

    Migrant Bird Clock

    More info coming soon...

  3. Paper Vase Cover - New Designs

    Paper Vase Cover - New Designs

    These fab looking 'vases' are our most heartfelt product... sales support the wonderful Tiny Miracles Foundation based in Mumbai. Upcycle a bottle or a large jar effortlessly into a beautifully sculptural vase.
    The vase covers are handmade from FSC certified paper.

  4. Goose Lamp

    Goose Lamp

    The luminous goose, inspired by ancient mythology. She is the ideal guardian of your secrets, wearing a rounded lampshade in the guise of a hat, letting harmonious rays of light filter through.
    As an ideal pet bedside lamp or side table to accompany your reading activities, conceal your secrets in the hidden drawer, while at the same time accommodating a USB port. This LED Floor Lamp is available in black, white and pink. Made in France. Attention, it's quite eccentric!
    Material: high pressure laminate
    Size: W 76 cm x H 95cm x D 35 cm
    LED bulb 12V included
  5. Desk Organizer - House

    Desk Organizer - House

    Referencing the archetypical house this cool desk / stationery organizer in fact pulls apart into four differently purposed modules including a handy mobile phone stand.

    Material: untreated lime wood

    Size: H 11 x W 7.5 × L 7.5 cm

  6. Artisan Made Apron

    Artisan Made Apron

    The apron for serious kitchen heroes and barbecue hipsters. Made in Germany's Black Forest, from natural burlap linen with real leather straps.

  7. Wood Sack

    Wood Sack

    Gather your wood in style... Handmade in the Black Forest, from linen & rope.

    Made of coarse linen with hemp rope and metal eyelets, this wood sack it's a must have for groovy lumberjacks everywhere. The clever design allows you to lay the sack flat under your load, before drawing it closed and sweeping it up onto your (preferably muscular) shoulder.

    Material: Jute linen, hemp rope

    Size: Ø 98 cm

  8. Geometric Boards

    Geometric Boards

    More info coming soon... 

  9. City Skyline Sticker

    City Skyline Sticker

    Bring New York, Paris or London back home and stick your favourite skyline on your wall.

    Material: high-quality adhesive, cast PVC-foil.
    Colour: dark grey (anthrazite)
    Size: 60x15 cm


    Regular Price: $39.00


  10. Ruler - History of Inventions

    Ruler - History of Inventions

    Technology by the Meter outlines in fact & illustrations 200 discoveries and inventions since the Industrial Revolution.

    From the sewing machine, via blue jeans & the zip fastener & the telegraph via the Morse Alphabet to the laying of the Atlantic Cable; the internet, cloning & the deciphering of the human genome… an overview of innovation & thought in a socio-cultural context that is the result of human inventive genius!

    Extends to 200 cm.


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