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  1. Dove Light

    Dove Light

    More info coming soon...

    Regular Price: $199.00


  2. High Tea Stack

    High Tea Stack

    More info coming soon...

    Regular Price: $139.00


  3. Recycled Rubberbands

    Recycled Rubberbands

    Each pack contains 70 small, black rubber-bands in various sizes made from recycled bicycle tubes by a sheltered workshop in Switzerland.
  4. Petit Board

    Petit Board

    A multi-use board for use at work or home - coffee table, bedside table, kitchen, desk or wall art...

    From the European tradition of using a personal board to breakfast, snack or sup upon, fast forward to the present: the quirky little melamine laminated board has been smartened up with a brilliant selection of designs to suit anyone and anything!

    Behind each design lies a certain inclination or potential gift idea…

    On a practical note: the boards are heat-resistant up to a temperature of 150°C, comply with food hygiene guidelines and are impervious to abrasion and acids; and while usually resistant to cutting, sharp or serrated knives will leave traces.

    Size: 23.5 cm x 14.3 cm

  5. City Light

    City Light

    The City Light elevates the humble tea-light into a beautifully illuminated city skyline.

    Rendered in distinctive detail, each skyline is easily recognised by its characteristic monuments.

    Available in Paris, New York, London, Venice, Copenhagen, Vienna, Berlin & Amsterdam.

    Material: plastic (base), laser cut stainless steel, 2 fire retardent paper shades.

    Size: H 13 x W 6.5 cm

  6. Liquid Bookmark

    Liquid Bookmark

    A unique bookmark, quite literally, as each one is hand poured by the designer to capture that oh so familiar picture – dripping liquid

    Banal yet strikingly captured in graphic coloured, soft to touch silicone.

    Available in Red, White, Grey & Black.

    Regular Price: $20.00


  7. Ruler - Flowers

    Ruler - Flowers

    The measuring stick that unfolds the four seasons, the gardeners ruler is a perfect gift!
    If you're tired of rulers retracting and bending against your will, this compact vintage style ruler is for you. In addition to measuring ease, each ruler in the series comes with a range of handy facts. The flower ruler has a comprehensive list of which flowers to plant when, on one side and lovely illustrations of the flowers in question on the other.

    Regular Price: $45.00


  8. Mountain Note Holder

    Mountain Note Holder

    For holding lists, letters & notes, the Mountain Note Holder is beautifully eye catching on the desk, kitchen counter or in the hallway.

    Based on real mountains in the Alps, the pieces can be moved within grooves in the base to accommodate all your documents.

    Made of timber and presented in a oiled walnut finish.

    Handmade in a sheltered workshop collaboration by the differently abled.

    Material: Solid walnut, MDF, oiled walnut veneer

    Size: L 29 x W 7.3 x H 19.5 cm

    Finish: Walnut

  9. iPad Tablet Case

    iPad Tablet Case

    This striking iPad case is sure to protect your tablet in style!

    Suitable for iPad 2, 3 & 4 - with easy access to buttons & ports.

    Material: hardshell polycarbonate with matt soft touch surface

    Size: L 24.5 x W 18.3 x D 0.5 cm

  10. iPad Mini Tablet Case

    iPad Mini Tablet Case

    This striking iPad Mini case is sure to protect your tablet in style!

    Suitable for iPad Mini - with easy access to buttons & ports.

    Material: TPU plastic soft case with gloss finish.

    Size: L 20 x W 13.5 x H 0.7 cm


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