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  1. Steel Bookmark

    Steel Bookmark

    More info coming soon ...

    Regular Price: $19.00


  2. Notebooks - Set of 3

    Notebooks - Set of 3

    More info coming soon ...

    Regular Price: $29.00


  3. Creative Notebook - Slimline

    Creative Notebook - Slimline

    More info coming soon ...

    Regular Price: $22.00


  4. City Skyline Sticker

    City Skyline Sticker

    Bring New York, Paris or London back home and stick your favourite skyline on your wall.

    Material: high-quality adhesive, cast PVC-foil.
    Colour: dark grey (anthrazite)
    Size: 60x15 cm


    Regular Price: $39.00


  5. Boom Box

    Boom Box

    The Berlin Boombox is different.

    A mobile speaker inspired by the old school ghettoblasters of the 1980s.
    Made from Cardboard and flat packed as a DIY kit, the German engineered audio technology delivers powerful sound to your smartphone … no matter if you use an iPhone, iPod, Android phone, Windows phone or MP 3 player.

    Regular Price: $119.00


  6. Dopp Kit  / Toiletry Bag

    Dopp Kit / Toiletry Bag

    Handcrafted in the USA using domestic waxed canvas, hand burnished vegetable tanned leather and a US cotton tape zipper. The Dopp Kit has one long protective chamber and the waxed canvas helps keep small spills from migrating on into your luggage. Perfectly fits your toiletries, shaver and electric toothbrush.

  7. Recycled Rubberbands

    Recycled Rubberbands

    Each pack contains 70 small, black rubber-bands in various sizes made from recycled bicycle tubes by a sheltered workshop in Switzerland.

    Regular Price: $8.50


  8. Petit Board

    Petit Board

    A multi-use board for use at work or home - coffee table, bedside table, kitchen, desk or wall art...

    From the European tradition of using a personal board to breakfast, snack or sup upon, fast forward to the present: the quirky little melamine laminated board has been smartened up with a brilliant selection of designs to suit anyone and anything!

    Behind each design lies a certain inclination or potential gift idea…

    On a practical note: the boards are heat-resistant up to a temperature of 150°C, comply with food hygiene guidelines and are impervious to abrasion and acids; and while usually resistant to cutting, sharp or serrated knives will leave traces.

    Size: 23.5 cm x 14.3 cm

    Regular Price: $20.00


  9. Optic Glasses

    Optic Glasses

    These glasses come to life when filled with water!

    The concave & convex surface of the glass bends the light creates a distorted effect, not to mention making it a very tactile item to hold.

    Sold as a set of 4.

    Material: Borosilicate glass

    Size: Ø 7 x H 11 cm (each glass)

    Regular Price: $59.00


  10. Cube Light

    Cube Light

    Great looking ambient light in the form of a perfect cube.

    Regular Price: $109.00


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